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“the self-styled modernism of the Arab-nationalist dictators proved to be a dismal failure.  It produced dysfunctional, semisocialist , bureaucratic, corrupt regimes that left the citizenry (except where papered over by oil bounties) mired in poverty, indignity and repression.  Hence the Arab Spring, serial uprisings that spread east from Tunisia in early 2011.  Many Westerners naively believed the future belonged to the hip, secular, tweeting kids of Tahrir Square.  Alas, this sliver of Westernization was no match for the highly organized, widely supported, politically serious Islamists who effortlessly swept them aside in national elections.” Charles Krauthammer, ‘The Islamist ascendancy’, The Washington Post, July 13, 2012

More than any other individual, President Barack Obama was responsible for translating the Arab Spring into Arab Islamist governance. In this sense, Obama rivals Lawrence of Arabia, with the single difference that Obama was not betrayed by much wiser national governments of Britain and France, who…

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